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Whilst we are often known and recognised for our joinery work, we are also specialists in fabricating Solid Surface products and have developed our skills over a number of years, largely working with Corian® to produce beautiful and bespoke designs.

In fact, our specialist joinery knowledge complements our fabrication expertise as the two are very much interlinked. Solid Surfaces can be cut and machined using standard woodworking tools with TCT cutters, and as the processes are so similar the fabrication method is often carried out within a workshop environment. Our workshop machines used by our joiners, including our CNC router, allow for more intricate fabrication work to be carried out. Thus, our client’s designs can be realised with precision and accuracy.

What is Solid Surfacing often used for?

Solid Surfacing has a wide variety of applications such as the fabrication of domestic and industrial kitchen worktops, vanity tops, hospital environments, student accommodation, reception counters, wall and floor cladding, wet rooms, laboratory worktops, shop display units, museum exhibition stands, and even backlit art pieces where the material is etched using a CNC router, plus many other applications. Solid Surfacing is increasingly becoming the number one choice for projects because of its ability to allow designs to be envisaged and created without compromising on performance or quality.

What are the benefits of Solid Surface products compared to alternatives?

Some of the main benefits of Solid Surfacing are that it is non-porous and hygienic, the joints are seamless and inconspicuous, it is stain resistant, can be thermoformed using heat and formers, and has vacuum pressing capabilities to produce 3D items. Along with these, Solid Surfacing is also repairable and easy to clean. Recent testing by DuPont on Corian® has even shown it to be bullet resistant. Lastly, the Solid Surfacing process of bonding the sheet material to a substrate means that it has impressive integral strength and durability.

Now we challenge someone to say that the same benefits apply to laminates, stone, marble, glass or composite materials which are available on the market today…

The latest trends with Solid Surfacing

With regards to trends it is ever-changing, but recently there has been a greater demand for Solid Surfacing in washroom areas in particular ‘Trough Vanity Units’, along with kitchen island units, and reception counters for large city based companies, with some incorporating an integral engraved corporate logo. There has also been an increase in using Solid Surfacing for smaller individual features, such as bath tubs and hanging floating shelves.

Our commitment and skilled knowledge on Solid Surfacing

We have worked with Solid Surfacing on a number of projects from large scale commercial environments to high-end residential properties, creating surfaces of versatility and elegance. We are fully trained in all aspects of the Solid Surfacing fabrication process and are committed to regular training and refresher courses.

For further information on our Solid Surfacing offering please contact Joe O’Neill at

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